English Verbal (for CAT Exams)

English Verbal – (for CAT Exams)

Each sentence hereunder is broken into four parts; (a), (b), (c) and (d). Identify the part that has an error in it.

1. If you open (a) the book on page 201 (b) you will find the answer (c) to your own question. (d)
Ans: (b) use ‘to’ instead of ‘on’

2. Our third semester (a) begins (b) from (c) Monday the 1st March. (d)
Ans: (c) Use the word ‘on’ instead of ‘from’

3. Your girlfriend (a) has requested you (b) to send your letters (c) on her friend’s address. (d)
Ans: (d) The right word is ‘to’ and not ‘on’

4. Just some days ago (a) three months to be precise, (b) he was (c) desirous to marry her. (d)
Ans: (d) The right word is ‘desiring’ in the place of ‘desirous’

5. I am sorry, (a) I can’t claim that (b) I have never told a lie (c) nor deceived anybody. (d)
Ans: (d) Use the word ‘or’ in the place of ‘nor’

For the following words in Capital, please identify the one that is exactly opposite in meaning from among the choices given:

(a) Sick (b) Salubrious (c) Active (d) Incapacitated
Ans: (c)

(a) Dogmatic (b) Dominant (c) Cosmopolitan (d) Niggardly
Ans: (c)

(a) Luxuriance (b) Defiance (c) Brilliance (d) Truculence
Ans: (b)

(a) Unlettered (b) Obscure (c) Not stretchable (d) Untidy
Ans: (b)

(a) Not offending (b) Not praiseworthy (c) Undesirable (d) Severe
Ans: (a)

The following questions have one or two blanks in them followed by four sets of words. Choose the one that fits the blanks and makes a meaningful sentence:

11. The tricks and devices of oratory are valid enough, but when the ————-between the style and substance is upset in favour of style we talk of ———— rhetoric.
(a) Balance …… empty
(b) Relationship …. Mighty
(c) Ratio ….. convincing
(d) Affinity …… futile
Ans: (a)

12. Style is important but ———– ; we can recognize it and say a lot about it, except what really it is.
(a) Unidentifiable
(b) Understandable
(c) Unspeakable
(d) Intangible
Ans: (d)

13. At its most extreme, the cult of the subconscious approaches the ————– but the basic notion that the subconscious mind contains unformulated emotions and experiences that ———- our behavior seems reasonable enough.
(a) Divine ……ennobles
(b) Ridiculous …… influence
(c) Impossible ….. shapes
(d) Supernatural ….. impels
Ans: (b)

14. A fat lady is depressed, so she eats more; this makes her ———-and she gets more ———. So, she eats more.
(a) Fatter …… fat
(b) Depressed …… fat
(c) Fatter …….. depressed
(d) Fat …… fat
Ans: (c)

15. Throughout the ages, literature and art have pictured the fat man – from legend’s Santa Claus to Shakespeare’s hulking Falstaff – as a ————-soul, proud of his ———-.
(a) Jolly ……. Girth
(b) Merry ………..standing
(c) Obese ……. Fat
(d) Happy …….. physique
Ans: (a)

In the following questions, the sentences are disarranged. Each word in the sentence is given a number. You will have to arrange the words in a proper manner to make a meaningful sentence. The number for the last word in the sentence will be your answer.

16. The (1) proved (2) waterloo (3) his (4) scandal (5) Watergate (6) be (7) to (8).
The Watergate scandal proved to be his waterloo.
Ans: (3) (waterloo)

17. The (1) price (2) that (3) share (4) of (5) crashed (6) has (7)
The price of that share has crashed.
Ans: (6) (Crashed)

18. This (1) milestone (2) is (3) in (4) history (5) Indian (6) a (7)
This is a milestone in Indian history.
Ans: (5) (history)

19. Bill (1) the (2) Parliament (3) the (4) was (5) in (6) introduced (7)
The bill was introduced in the Parliament.
Ans: (3) (Parliament)

20. Turn (1) agitation (2) the (3) took (4) violent (5) a (6)
The agitation took a violent turn.
Ans: (1) (Turn)


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