English – Verbal – 20

English – Verbal – 20

Each of the following questions begin with a sentence that has either one or two blanks. Each sentence is followed by five answer choices consisting of words or phrases. Identify the answer choice that completes the sentence best.

1. The fundamental ————- between dogs and cats is for the most part a myth; members of these species often coexist ———–.
(a) Antipathy — amiably
(b) Disharmony — uneasily
(c) Compatibility — together
(d) Relationship — peacefully
(e) Difference — placidly
Ans: (c)

2. His desire to state his case completely was certainly reasonable; however, his lengthy technical explanations were monotonous and tended to ———- rather than ———- the jury.
(a) Enlighten — inform
(b) Interest — persuade
(c) Provoke — influence
(d) Allay — pacify
(e) Bore — convince
Ans: (e)

3. In some countries, government restrictions are ———— that businesses operate with nearly complete impunity.
(a) Traditional
(b) Judicious
(c) Ambiguous
(d) Exacting
(e) Lax
Ans: (c)

4. The recent Oxford edition of the works of Shakespeare is ————- because it not only departs frequently from the readings of most other modern editions, but also challenges many of the basic ———– of textual criticism.
(a) Controversial — conventions
(b) Typical — innovations
(c) Inadequate — norms
(d) Curious — projects
(e) Pretentious — explanations
Ans: (a)

5. The early form of writing known as Linear B was ———- in 1952, but no one has yet succeeded in the ———– of the still more ancient Linear A.
(a) Superseded — explanation
(b) Encoded — transcription
(c) Obliterated — analysis
(d) Deciphered — interpretation
(e) Discovered — obfuscation
Ans: (d)

6. Considering everything she had been through, her reaction was quite normal and even ———-;
I was therefore surprised at the number of ———— comments and raised eyebrows that her response elicited.
(a) Commendable — complimentary
(b) Odious — insulting
(c) Apologetic — conciliatory
(d) Commonplace — typical
(e) Laudable — derogatory
Ans: (e)

7. The purpose of the proposed insurance policy is to ———– the burden of medical costs, thereby removing what is for many people a major ———– medical care.
(a) Augment — problem with
(b) Eliminate — perquisite of
(c) Ameliorate — study of
(d) Assuage — impediment to
(e) Clarify — explanation for
Ans: (b)

Each of the following questions begins with a single word in capital letters. Five answer choices follow. Select the answer choice that has the most opposite meaning of the word in capital letters.
Since some of the questions requires distinguishing fine shades of meaning, be sure to consider all the choices before deciding your selection.

(a) Appreciate
(b) Donate
(c) Bolster
(d) Decay
(e) Simplify
Ans: (c)

(a) Original
(b) Haughty
(c) Casual
(d) Virtuous
(e) Informative
Ans: (b)

(a) Stand
(b) Repay
(c) Flush
(d) Relax
(e) Cope
Ans: (C)

(a) Temperate
(b) Pleased
(c) Inundated
(d) Encouraged
(e) Planned
Ans: (a)

(a) Levity
(b) Sanity
(c) Cowardice
(d) Sterility
(e) Ventilation
Ans: (d)

(a) Animate
(b) Inaugurate
(c) Bleach
(d) Disburden
(e) Obliterate
Ans: (d)

(a) Fertilize
(b) Ordain
(c) Suppress
(d) Explain thoroughly
(e) Make an impression
Ans: (c)


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