Tech Mahindra – Verbal (Recent Questions)

Tech Mahindra – Verbal (Recent Questions)
1. The sentence below represents Direct/Indirect speech. From the below options, choose which one is the best example for the mentioned sentence:
She told her, “I know where the dog is”
(a) She told her that she knew where the dog is.
(b) She told her that she knows where the dog was.
(c) She told her that she knew where the dog was.
(d) She told that she knew where the dog is.
Ans: (a)
Identify the Synonym in the following questions:
(a) Thorough
(b) Trivial
(c) Eager
(d) Excessive
Ans: (d)

(a) Consume Rapidly
(b) Jump around
(c) Identify
(d) Bring together
Ans: (a) (This answer is suspect)

4. Fill the blank space with the appropriate word from the choices:
The boy at the river was not eating _________ food.
(a) a
(b) nothing
(c) any
Ans: (c)

5. Choose the word that identify the sentence:
Study of skin and skin diseases
(a) Orthopaedics
(b) Dermatology
(c) Gynaecology
(d) Endocrinology
Ans: (b)

6. Rearrange the following to make a meaningful sentence and then identify the third and second sentence in that order.
1. Except, we all contributed in the beginning days.
2. Manohar has just joined his office, he has been transferred.
3. At first, he could not get hold of the city culture.
4. Chandrapur is basically a rural area.
5. Currently, Manohar feels proud of his partners.
6. Before being transferred he worked in the Chandrapur office.
Ans: 4 and 6
(The order of the sentence is : 2, 6, 4, 3, 1, 5

7. Arrange the following jumbled sentences in a cogent order making it a meaningful paragraph.
(A) A pact where a new government is being formed
(B) The Liberals and the NDP commented that their plan is to end the reign of Harper Conservative government by coming Monday.
(C) If the present one falls apart as a result of lack of confidence
(D) The opposition leaders of Canada have signed
(a) ADCB
(b) DACB
(c) DABC
(d) ABCD
Ans: (c)

8. Choose a better word to use, in the place of the underlined one:
Can you open this knot?
(a) Break
(b) Loose
(c) No improvement
(d) Untie
Ans: (d)

In the following questions identify the Antonym for the given word.
9. Comic
(a) Fearful
(b) Tragic
(c) Painful
(d) Emotional
Ans: (c)

10. Annoy
(a) Please
(b) Rejoice
(c) Admire
(d) Reward
Ans: (a)

11. Hapless
(a) Consistent
(b) Shaped
(c) Cheerful
(d) Fortunate
Ans: (d)

12. Niggardly
(a) Generous
(b) Stingy
(c) Thrifty
(d) Frugal
Ans: (a)

13. What is the order of the following words so that they form a meaningful sentence?
1. Suddenly
2. left
3. the
4. He
5. House
(a) 12345 (b) 14235 (c) 32415 (d) 53421
Ans: (b)
Fill the blanks with appropriate words:

14. I can have ____ a pizza __ a chicken dish for lunch.
(a) Whether, or
(b) As, whereas
(c) Either, or
Ans: (c)

15. ___ my father __ my mother are from Mumbai.
(a) Both, and
(b) Either, or
(c) Both, with
Ans: (a)

Read the following passage and the answer questions 16 to 19.

At a stage like this in human civilization, it is of utmost interest that nations’ coarse ignorance towards one another decreases. People should start understanding a bit of histories of other cultures, other countries and the resulting mentality developed. It is really fault of Englishmen because they expected people to run the world as they wanted to, in international as well as political situations. We many a times expect people to be the way we are and because of that nothing is made out of our actual kindness and good intents. This could be corrected, not to be a very wide extent but to a certain limit if we knew global history, even outlines of it, about the conditions, social and political, which have lead the country to shape up as it has currently.

16. Author wants the people of his country to:

(a) Read other nation’s policies
(b) Have a better perceptive of other countries
(c) Not to react with war
(d) Have close contacts with all the countries
Ans: (b)

17. A better understanding among countries:
(a) Has always been present
(b) There is no need of that
(c) Is now needed more than ever
(d) Will always remain
Ans: (c)

18. The character that a country develops is mainly because of its:
(a) Mentality
(b) Gross Ignorance
(c) Socio-Political Conditions
(d) Cultural Heritage
Ans: (a)

19. The fault of Englishmen was that they expected others to react to social and political situations like ________.
(a) Everyone
(b) Themselves
(c) Others
(d) Us
Ans: (b)

20. Identify the word that is spelt correctly:
(a) Voguei
(b) Equestrain
(c) Asspersion
(d) Voluptuous
Ans: (d)


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